Hunger Games Party Ideas

mockingjayThe third and final installment of Suzanne Collins’ popular Hunger Games series, Mockingkay, arrives on August 24. Why not celebrate the release with a Hunger Games-themed party (minus the brutal killings, natch)?

Inspiration from Other Libraries and Bookstores

Several libraries and bookstores have held parties for the release of Catching Fire or just for fun.

Amity Middle School hosted a party complete with trivia, a cornucopia challenge, and a physical challenge with groups of students competing for different districts. They’ve posted all of their materials and instructions on their website. The trivia questions are especially good!

The blog Bookmarked has some coverage of a Scholastic sponsored Hunger Games event at the Manila International Book Fair. Teams of two created costumes, participated in a cornucopia race, killed each other with stickers, and ended with a prune-eating contest.

Photos and ideas from Highland Park Public Library including homemade bows and arrows for an archery contest.

CardiganNation has some fun ideas like a tribute costume parade, a fanfiction contest, and crafts.

Even more ideas at Publisher’s Weekly Shelf Talker blog. They set up training stations with Nerf archery and shooting, knot-tying, problem-solving, and breath control with EyePops.

More ideas

Movie casting: The inevitable Hunger Games movie is already in development. Have participants vote for their ultimate movie cast based on pre-selected actors or with write-in votes. A few fan lists for ideas: Casting Call, My Cast List for The Hunger Games Movie, The Hunger Games Movie: The Perfect Cast , The Hunger Games – Movie Cast, Mockingjay Fever/The Hunger Games Movie Cast

Decorations: Decorate your space with fan-made maps of Panem (this one is really nice) and images of foreign covers (Scholastic has many posted on their blog with a few more at the Nerdfighters forum).

Display readalikes: Offer a selection of similar books to read once they’ve finished with the trilogy. There are plenty of great lists online like Evanston Public Library, Normal Public Library, and Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. Besides fiction, it could be cool to include survival books like The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook or The complete wilderness training book.

Team Peeta vs. Team Gale: Have your participants vote for who they think Katniss should end up with. But definitely allow alternate options like Team Katniss (who needs a guy?) or Team I Don’t Care!

Prize Giveaway: If you want to give away prizes, simulate the reaping day and the cornucopia by conducting a version of Yankee Swap. Wrap all the prizes and have everyone draw a number. Participants select prizes in order. Each participant has the option to keep the prize they selected and open it, or swap their unwrapped prize for someone else’s opened one.

Costume Parade: Hold a costume parade and contest. Provide small teams with mystery packs of miscellaneous supplies (left-over craft materials!) and a time limit to create tribute costumes. Give out award certificates like ‘most likely to cause a stir in the Capitol’ or ‘most likely to impress Cinna’.

Have you held a Hunger Games event? Do you have any ideas or advice?

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  1. Whitney, I am so happy to have found this! So weird that it’s your site! We are planning an emergency Hunger Games event – we were supposed to do this 3 weeks in March – within only 2 days to get everything together!! This has been really helpful! Thank you!!


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