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As a newly practicing teen librarian, I’ve found that reading about successful programs and services for teens to be especially helpful. Blogs are a perfect medium for sharing of-the-minute ideas, talking honestly about what worked and what didn’t, and generating responses from others. Unfortunately blogs come and go, so it can be difficult to keep up with what’s new and current. Here are a few of my favorite blogs written by librarians that feature programming ideas or other services for teens or tweens.


Beth Reads

Beth is a youth services librarian in Ohio who posts about books and programs, mostly YA-related. Some recent posts I’ve found helpful have included: Ice Breakers for Teen Program Success, Doing More With Summer Reading Data, and Jump Start Your Book Club: A Change Will Do You Good. You should also check out her one-minute book talk series. Her posts are very thoughtful and coming from a place of experience, so it’s worth going through her archives.


The Magpie Librarian: A Librarian’s Guide to Modern Life and Etiquette

Ingrid, a children’s and teen librarian in NYC, blogs about books, programs, and other things of interest to the library world. I especially love her teen displays like It’s Time for a Body Positive Brooklyn: Look, I finished that display, finally., Queering up the Library: A finished display, and Oy with the Jokes Already: A totally jokey YA display with a totally broken color printer. You might also appreciate Tree Octopuses, Hate Sites, Agatha Ann Cunningham: The “Oh, C’MON!” Menagerie of Information Literacy, which discusses information literacy and a fake library ghost story crafted by two teen library interns.



Sarah is a teen librarian from Michigan. She has been blogging at Teenbrarian for just about a year and posts a lot about her regular programs. She has some good insight about hosting Minecraft programs, a Trivia program, and Dungeons and Dragons.


Young Adult Activities

A group of librarians share program ideas suitable for middle and high school audiences. I particularly enjoyed Updated: Urban Legends (I’ll be incorporating this into my summer reading programming!),  How to Survive a Horror Movie, Bike Rodeo.


Zen and the Art of Teen Services

Sarah, a teen librarian from Ohio, talks books, programs, teen trends, and more. Her post about Anatomy of a Teen Event Flyer is a must-read for any librarians who design their own flyers. Other great posts include Beyond Anime: 100+ ideas to keep your otaku happy!, Feeding teens, and Beyond Book Clubs & Gaming: Creating dynamic programs to which your teens will flock!. I wish she would post more!

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