Selection Committee Prep Work

I’m thrilled to announce that in 2015 I will be serving on the YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults (BFYA) selection committee! This is both exciting and daunting. Along with 14 other committee members, we will be selecting about 75 of the best YA fiction titles published between Sept. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2015. This means I have to read a lot—more than I have ever read in a single year. This year’s committee has about 110 nominees, but we will have to read many more than that to find the good stuff. Good-bye to the rest of my TBR pile, I’ll see you in 2016!

My BFYA binder!

With so much reading, it’s crucial to write detailed notes about what books I’ve read and what I think about them, as well as keep track of review books received from publishers, what books I need to read, and what books I need to track down. This means I had an excuse to buy some office supplies—woo! Inspired by Jennie Rothschild, my current set-up is a bright pink 3-ring binder with dividers and lots of blank paper for notes. I have put the committee policies and other important information in one section. Another section houses my notes for eligible books I have read. Right now, I have reserved a page per book where I write down character and plot details and my impressions of the book. Once nominations start in February, I will separate the notes out into two sections—nominated and not-nominated. I will also be putting any teen feedback I have into the binder. I also bought some 4×6 post-it notes to have on hand while I’m reading to jot down thoughts.

Page of notes for an eligible title
Committee policies and procedures for quick reference

I debated analog vs. digital for keeping my book notes. I like being able to scribble and draw a bit in my notes and I think the hard-copy version will work better for me as a reference in committee meetings, but I will be doing some digital tracking. As back-up, I will be taking photos of my hand-written notes and saving in Evernote. I also plan to keep a Google spreadsheet of books received, books read, and books to-read, so it will be easier to reference both at home and at work. Finally, I have a separate BFYA-only Goodreads account, mostly to keep track of eligible books to look out for, since I like the visuals and sorting capabilities. No stars or reviews from me on there, though. It’s already been hard not to gush about some of the 2015 books I’m reading!

And don’t forget that all YALSA selection lists take nominations from the public. If you read an awesome YA book in 2015, please nominate it to bring to the attention of the committee.

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