Youth Services Corner presents resources for librarians and others who work with tweens and teens. Posts focus on books, other pop culture, libraries, librarians, websites, and any other interesting items I find.

Some recurring features are:

  • Library Spotlight: A look at library teen webpages, teen spaces and/or librarians from around the country (and maybe the world?)
  • Reviews: Of books, professional literature, movies, tv shows, websites, music, etc.
  • Program ideas for libraries
  • Links of the week: Links to interesting news articles and blog posts from the week
  • Box Office Preview: A rundown of new movies of interest to tweens and teens
  • Books to Movies: A preview of upcoming movies based on books
  • Feature articles: Longer posts on a variety of topics

Who’s behind it?

My name is Whitney and I’m interested in library youth services. I received my MLIS from UCLA in 2008 and I currently work as a teen librarian for a large public library system in WA. I read a lot of YA lit and participate in the online YA community and in YALSA activities.

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Where else can you find me?

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I also contribute to Teen Services Underground

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