Book Discussion Questions: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen: A Novel
Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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Here are some discussion questions I created for the teen book club at my internship library.

How did DJ change from the start of the book?

DJ’s family doesn’t communicate much (holding grudges, “don’t punch a bruise”) while Brian’s talks all the time — is your family more like DJ’s or Brian’s? Somewhere in between?

Do you think DJ’s interactions with the various characters are realistic? For example, avoiding Amber and Brian when she’s mad at them?

Do any of the characters in the book remind you of yourself or people you know?

DJ compares a lot of the people in her family and town to cows, they just do what they’re supposed to do day in and day out. She decides to break this mold by trying out for football. Have you ever wanted to do or try something that people wouldn’t expect you to do? Did you?

DJ gets a variety of reactions to joining the football team. How do you think people would react at your school or in your town?

The author comes from a screenwriting background. Does the book remind you of a movie in any way? Would you like to see it made as a movie? Actors to play characters?

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