Library Spotlight: Creekview High School Library

Unquiet Librarian Reshelving
This is over a year old, but I recently stumbled across Buffy Hamilton’s post at the Unquiet Librarian about the reshelving project she did at her school’s library. I love the mix of face-out books, displays, and horizontal stacks on books. It’s visually appealing and makes browsing a lot easier! See all the photos in her Flickr set.

Teen Spaces: Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frame

Denise Byers, the librarian from R. C. Loflin Middle School in Joshua, Texas, shares her idea to display book information in digital picture frames. She took the powerpoint slides she made for the Texas Library Association’s Lone Star books and exported each slide as a .jpg, which can be stored in the frame’s internal memory or on an SD card. She placed the frame on an open shelf at eye level. All the books on the slideshow are currently checked out and have a waiting list. She has recently ordered a bigger, 15″ frame available through the school’s approved vendors that takes video and audio and plans to load book trailers on it. Below is a sample book slide.

Thanks for sharing, Denise!

sample slide

Teen Spaces: Carlsbad City Library

Carlsbad City Library

I was picking up some books today at a nearby library and noticed this technique of shelving books in the young adult section. For series, the books are stacked horizontally instead of vertically. Since these shelves are fairly tall, a lot of the books take up less space this way. It also makes the titles easier to read and gives some visual interest to the area. Plus, they have lots of face-out books. Could be a neat thing to try in your YA, graphic novel, or kids spaces.